How Christmas Train Set Could Have Been Used for a Real Christmas Movie

The real life Christmas train set may not look like the modern-day version, but it’s all there and it could have been used for a movie.

In 2013, an online store called ToysRUs, owned by Toys “R” Us, sold a toy set that was made from the original train set and used to train children in the 1950s.

The set was used as a classroom toy and even as a prop in a movie theater.

The original toy set was a bit small, so the company, known for its toys and toys-for-teens line, decided to add more toys to the set, said ToysRU spokesperson Scott Johnson.

The company also offered to sell a small replica train set from the movie set.

“We did it as a tribute to the original set and it was a big hit, so we wanted to do something with it,” Johnson said.

Johnson said the company is looking to expand the collection and has a plan in place for a future release of the set.

The plan includes selling additional sets with a different theme and adding more toys.

“As we get closer to Christmas, we’re thinking about what would we like to do with the train set as it gets closer to its 100th anniversary,” Johnson explained.

“So if it’s up to us, we would love to do a sequel to the movie.”

The company will not be able to sell the train sets to consumers, but the toys could be used in an upcoming film or as props in other media.

ToysRus currently sells sets of Star Wars and Ghostbusters as well as the original Toy Story.

The store also sells a range of Christmas toys for children and their families, as well a line of Star Trek toys.

In the past, Johnson said he has seen interest in the set from people who are fans of the original film and were interested in buying a replica of the train, but didn’t know how to make one.

The set was sold online, so it could not be easily returned, Johnson explained, so he contacted the original owner to see if he was willing to return the train.

The toy set comes with a certificate of authenticity and can be seen in a Toys “r” Us store.

The original toy has never been seen in person and is missing a hand-me-down belt buckle that is used on the set for its armrests.

A spokesman for Toys “n” S said the retailer has no plans to sell these sets, but would provide additional information to interested parties.

“This is the first in a series of toys we have for sale and we have a few more in the pipeline, including one of the newest versions of the Star Trek train set,” Johnson wrote in an email.

The company is working with the original manufacturer of the toys, Johnson added, so they can keep making the set available.

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