Which is better: the Navy SEAL training or the Army’s basic training?

New Scientist article The U.S. military’s basic military training (BFT) program is one of the most rigorous training programs on Earth.

The Navy SEALs train for months on end and then spend a year in boot camp before being sent to the front line.

In contrast, the Army has a much shorter time frame and focuses on boot camp. 

The Navy SEAL Training Center at Fort Benning, Georgia, has had a long and proud history of serving the U.N. and the American people.

During World War II, the Navy enlisted the expertise of the U-boat crews that were on the front lines of combat.

Today, it’s home to the SEALs and the UAV team that helps them in the field.

The Naval Air Systems Command, or NASSCOM, has also seen success with its BFT program, including the success of its highly-rated Advanced Aviation Training (AAT) program, which trains Navy SEAL teams for two years and is designed for the Navy to quickly move to the fleet.

The Army has more limited experience with BFT but has already begun to take steps to increase its training and readiness in the years ahead.

The National Guard Training Center (NGTC) in Tucson, Arizona, has more than 3,500 enlisted men and women in its ranks who train for weeks at a time, and the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) has plans to increase the number of Army personnel trained in BFT.

And the Navy has already started to ramp up its Bft training program, as a part of the Marine Corps’ new “bulk BFT” program.

The Military Training and Doctrine Command (MTFDC), which oversees the Navy and the Army, has a number of plans to improve the effectiveness of BFT in the future.

One of the first things the Navy is planning to do is to train more sailors to be airmen, according to the Navy. 

But while the Navy’s BFT programs have been successful, the Air Force is already taking steps to improve its training. 

In 2016, the Naval Air and Missile Systems Command began a pilot program to train new pilots to become SEALs.

The goal is to have 100 Navy SEAL candidates ready to become airmen in 2020. 

Another pilot program is in the works for pilots who have already passed their air-to-air pilot training and are looking for more training in air-based operations, according a 2016 Air Force statement. 

A new pilot program in the Navy called the Navy Pilot Candidate School (NPCS) has already trained hundreds of Navy and Marine Corps pilots to pilot B-52 bombers and attack helicopters. 

Other efforts underway include expanding the Navy BFT training to include the Navy Seal training.

The Navy has been working on a BFT course that teaches SEALs how to conduct and conduct in combat and the Navy recently announced that it has developed a “training system for SEALs to develop and implement BFT and air-mobile operations,” according to a Navy official.

In addition to this, the UAS Command has also begun working with the Navy on a new BFT pilot training program. 

So while the Army is looking to train its pilots to be SEALs, the air force is working to train airmen.

And while the Air National Guard is working on plans to expand its BCTC, it has been very successful with its training programs and has seen success training airmen as part of its Air Force training.

The UAV is another training program that is being expanded to include airmen training to become a part-time or full-time aircrew member.

The Air Force recently began using the drone to test its training efforts in the air, and in October the Air Corps launched the Air-Naval Warfare Center’s Air-Air Combat Simulator, or ANWCAS.

“Our airmen are a critical asset to our combat readiness and we want to keep them there,” the Air Service Chief of Staff told reporters last week, according. 

For the Air Combat Simulator to be successful, it will need to have a robust and flexible training pipeline.

And as the Navy prepares to move to a new and faster air combat training model, the Pentagon is also looking to add aircrew members to its B-53A Super Hornet and other variants of its fleet. 

This story is from the October 24, 2019 issue of New Scientist.

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