Dublin to host first ever ‘Railjam’ event –

Dublin, April 24 (AFP) – Dubliners will be able to watch a train crash in a “Railjam” style event this summer when it is forced to cross the city to avoid a serious train accident.

Dublin City Council (DC) said the event, to be held on Saturday (local time) at the former Royal Dublin hospital in north Dublin, will see the “world’s first train jam” at the site of the “World Trade Center” terrorist attack in 2001.

The train will stop at the station at the city’s historic railway station, then travel across the city at speeds of up to 100km/h, then turn onto the nearby highway before coming to a stop.

The first stop will be at a park in the city centre, followed by a “stretching” section at the railway station.

After the stop, the train will travel a further 1km, crossing the city on the A0 before crossing a road into the city.

After crossing the road, the “stretch” section will take the train to the “intersection of the north and south” before the train passes a stop in front of the city hall, before continuing on the “main” route, which will run for about 20km.

The “rail jam” event is set to start at 10am and will last for about 90 minutes, organisers said.

The event is part of a year-long “Rail Jam” campaign which aims to promote awareness of the dangers of overcrowding, train accidents and train disruption.

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