When a dog goes viral: This is what happens when a dog is viral

When you see a dog with an internet following, you have no idea how popular it is.

And you may think it’s a cute little puppy who loves to sit by your side and cuddle.

But it’s not.

When you actually see the dog, you know it’s serious.

The dog has been seen as a danger to people and their pets in Japan and other parts of the world.

And that’s exactly what happened to a two-year-old German Shepherd named Berenice.

“The dog was seen as an aggressive dog who could be dangerous to people.

It had been attacked by people and its owners were afraid to take the dog out of the house,” said Shunichi Fujisawa, an animal behavior expert from Osaka University.

Fujiswa told ABC News that in Japan, the law states a dog can only be left at home for five minutes at a time.

“That means if you have a dog that is a problem, and you have two people, you don’t have any other option than to put the dog in the yard.

It has to stay there for five or six minutes,” he said.

That’s why Berenices owners decided to keep it outside all day, Fujisaws said.

It was also not unusual for the dog to go up in the air and bark and growl, as if he was going to attack someone.

In some cases, he would even run up and down the street.

It’s an extremely dangerous situation, he said, because it puts people in danger.

“We never expected that this dog could go up on top of a building, run up on the roof, and bark at people,” he added.

“So that’s why the owners kept the dog outside.

They were worried about it.”

He said Berenics owners didn’t know why they did what they did, but he said it was all for the safety of Berenicers family.

Berenichs family has since moved to a different city.

“They’re still very worried about the dog,” Fujisaw said.

“But they also want to take this as an opportunity to make it safer for people and animals.”

Bereniced has since been moved to another city.

The breed has been a favorite among people in Japan for decades, but it’s also a problem in other parts.

Fujissawa said the breed has a reputation for being very intelligent and capable of learning new things.

But he said the problem is often overstated, especially in Japan.

“There’s no doubt that this breed has very smart, very capable dogs.

But we don’t want to make the dog an enemy of humans.

It can be a very dangerous dog,” he explained.

“People don’t always understand that.

So if you see this breed on the streets and people are scared, you need to take care of the dog.”

It’s not only the owners who have a problem with Berenishis behavior.

In a study published in April in the journal Behavior Genetics, Fujissaws research team found that the breed was less tolerant of dogs with low intelligence.

“It’s true that the dog does not always show the signs of aggression toward people, and the dogs in this study showed less aggressive behavior toward people with lower intelligence, but we still did not find an effect of low intelligence on the dogs’ ability to recognize people,” the researchers wrote.

“For example, dogs with a low IQ did not show more aggression toward low-intelligence people, even when tested on a test that measures how quickly they can recognize faces.”

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