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An American woman who works as a medical assistant in Israel has been awarded $1.6 million by the GCSF Medical Assistant Program.

The program was established to train medical assistants to be medical assistants, but is now recruiting American medical assistants who can be trained to become nurses, nurses-to-be, pharmacists, pharmacology technicians, dentists, or medical assistants.

She is an Israeli citizen and was appointed to the program in 2016.

The GCSMPA is currently working to hire the first female medical assistant from the United States. 

The program began in 2018, when a GCSH program officer noticed that Israeli doctors working in the GBSS were training American medical school students for the program. 

“We were not sure how to approach the program and it was not clear whether this was something we could be successful in,” said GCSB program officer Sharon Kaminer. 

Over the next few years, Kaminer, who was in Israel for two weeks, received hundreds of emails and phone calls from Israelis who were interested in applying.

“It’s a very high-tech program, and there are lots of talented people out there,” said Kaminer “And there’s no shortage of nurses, so I thought, why not get them in the program?” 

The GCSCAM program is a non-profit program which has received more than $4 million from the U.S. government, including $1 million from Kaminer and her husband, Dr. Stephen Kaminer of University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland. 

According to the U, “The GSCAM program provides medical school training to students, medical staff, and residents from abroad.

It provides training in medical technology and is designed to enhance the medical workforce of the United State.” 

“I had a lot of people tell me, ‘We can’t get an American medical assistant to come in here, we need one from Israel,'” Kaminer said. 

In the years since, the GSCAM medical assistant program has trained more than 20,000 Israelis and other foreign medical students, and recently, more than 4,500 foreign students have been trained through the program at University Hospels Case Medical Center, where they are undergoing residency training. 

Kaminer said that she and her family, have been thrilled with the program’s success. 

She is looking forward to being able to train her daughters and her grandchildren. 

But Kaminer is also looking forward, as well, to the opportunities she will be able to offer American medical students who are eager to learn how to help their countrymen. 

 “If I get an opportunity to do this, I want to do it with my kids,” Kaminer added. 

For more information, contact: Dr. Stephen Kahm, Medical Assistant, GBSS Program and GSS School of Medicine, 1-888-936-4545 or [email protected] For more information about the GSSM program, contact Sharon Kahan or  Sharon Kaminer  at GPS Program, P.O. Box 13, Cleveland, OH 43208. 

To learn more about the US-Israel Medical Student Exchange Program, visit www.US-IsraeliMedicalExchange.com and to learn more about the GSU program, visit [email protected]

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