Harley-Davidson is building a hybrid trainer with electric motors, electric brakes, and hybrid tires that could power all of its bikes in 2018


(AP) Harley-Davidsons new hybrid trainer is a mix of both technology and styling.

It has a sleek, four-seat, all-electric sports bike with electric brakes and a hybrid motor that powers it.

The trainer is the company’s first hybrid-electric trainer.

The hybrid system is built by a team at Harley-davidson’s design and engineering office.

The bike is called the Harley-Edition hybrid trainer.

It looks like a sports bike.

The electric brakes are powered by Harley’s batteries, which have electric motors and motors with hybrid motor controllers.

The brakes and motor controllers work like a controller for an electric motorcycle.

It is a hybrid-bike.

The Harley-Knight hybrid trainer has electric motors with electric motor controllers, a hybrid engine, and a new hybrid powertrain.

The new hybrid engine has a turbocharger to deliver electric power to the motor controller.

The engine is a four-cylinder gasoline engine that is also the engine in the motorcycle.

Harley-Jones is a family of motorcycle companies.

It manufactures motorcycles, and has more than 200 dealerships.

In 2018, the company is building an electric hybrid trainer that will have all of the technology of a traditional hybrid bike.

Harley’s new hybrid bike will also be powered by the electric motor controller, and that system is designed to take the best of both the motorcycle and the hybrid motorcycle.

The team behind the hybrid trainer says it will make it possible to make all of Harley’s bikes more efficient.

It will also make it easier to transition to electric vehicles, which could make the bikes more popular.

The company says that in 2018, all of their bikes will be equipped with the electric motorcycle controller.

Harley will also use the hybrid engine in a hybrid motorcycle that is a two-stroke, four cylinder engine.

The two-cylinders are used in Harley’s sports bikes.

The system that the Harley team is building is more efficient than conventional hybrid systems, which rely on the battery system.

Harley said the hybrid system has a high degree of energy density, which means it is more energy dense than other hybrid systems.

The battery system will use about 90 percent less energy.

The batteries will also last for a longer time than traditional hybrid systems because they are less prone to damage, according to Harley.

The powertrain will have a hybrid generator that uses an electric motor, and the electric motors will be connected to a motor controller for more power.

The rider is able to take control of the power through a controller.

It also has a hybrid gearbox, and there will be a clutch pedal that can also be used to slow the bike.

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