How to beat the r train

The r train has been a favourite of many Americans for years.

But, despite being a reliable and affordable alternative to the other two major commuter trains, the train is getting more expensive each year.

The average ticket cost $24 in February, up about 5% from last year.

That means a trip from Chicago to Seattle will cost $23, up almost 10%.

That’s an average of nearly $400 extra over a typical two-week trip, according to data compiled by the website Expedia.

The train, which is the third-busiest train in the US after the trolley and the Metro, has seen ridership fall by about a third over the last decade.

Last year, the number of riders rose about 7% and the average trip cost about $25.

The cost of a ticket rose by more than a third to $35 from $33 last year, according a report from the National Association of Railroad Passengers.

The problem is getting worse.

Since 2000, the average number of passengers has fallen by nearly 25% and average trip price by nearly 10%.

The new data from Expedia is likely to add to the pressure on the federal government to improve train service.

Federal regulators said last month that the cost of the trains has climbed by about 6% a year, an average increase of 10% over the past decade.

They also pointed to a $3 billion funding cut by the Obama administration for the agency’s Next Generation High Speed Rail Program, which was supposed to reduce rail costs.

The Next Generation program aims to upgrade trains in the next five years, but a report released this week by the Congressional Research Service, an independent, nonpartisan research agency, said it was unlikely to have a significant impact on rail costs and instead would result in an even larger reduction in rail ridership.

“The $3.6 billion announced funding cut, as well as the recent $9.4 billion train repair and replacement costs, are not likely to significantly change rail costs in the near future,” the report said.

“Rather, these cuts could reduce rail riderships by an estimated 0.3% to 0.4% annually.”

The report said the Next Generation project was likely to be a major contributor to the train’s woes.

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