How Mexico trains trains millions of commuters for the Olympics

Mexico trains millions more migrants for the Olympic Games in 2022 than any other country.

The country has the largest train network in Latin America, but the infrastructure of its transit system is poor, with high passenger delays and low train speeds.

Now, the country is hoping to upgrade its train infrastructure to match that of its Olympic competitors.

Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto said on Thursday that the country would spend $1.5 billion to upgrade rail infrastructure to make the country more competitive in the Olympics.

The investment would help Mexico to have more trains in the country by 2022, and the money would come from the country’s annual $20 billion budget for national infrastructure.

Mexico trains nearly a quarter of the world’s migrants and provides the majority of the countrys economic output, but with its growing economy and population, the rail network is underfunded.

Peña said that the money is being invested to increase capacity, improve train speed, and improve the safety of train passengers.

Mexico trains over 2 million migrants a year.

The number of migrants entering Mexico each year is estimated at over 4 million, but Mexico is not alone in its migrant crisis.

In 2016, the U.S. admitted 3.5 million immigrants into the country, but that figure has declined in recent years, and Mexico has taken a leading role in providing a refuge for those who cannot return home.

Peñas administration has increased the number of migrant shelters, but it has also pushed migrants to travel longer distances, often through the country without legal papers.

The state of Tabasco has the highest percentage of undocumented migrants in the world, and in recent months, the state has been under a government of emergency, which requires emergency funds for all state institutions and government agencies.

In February, Mexico launched an initiative to train hundreds of police officers to help with border control, which has led to the arrest of some thousands of migrants.

Last year, a group of migrants were arrested in Tamaulipas for attempting to cross into the United States, but they were released after being processed by the federal authorities.

Mexico’s border with Guatemala is considered the largest in the Americas.

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