What you need to know about the cat training website

Posted September 05, 2018 03:14:00 It’s a cat training site that has been in the making for some time.

It’s the brainchild of two Sydney men who were both looking for a new way to help them train their cats.

Their first attempt at a cat-training website went nowhere, so they turned their attention to another option.

“It was just me, my wife and my daughter,” Jason McLean told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We’ve got four cats.

So the idea was that, if we had a cat in the house, we’d have to find a cat that we could teach.”

So they got a kitten and, after several months of work, Jason Mclean and his wife decided to start their own website.

They had no idea what it would be like to live with a cat, but they were hooked.

“A cat is the most fun animal I’ve ever been around,” Jason said.

“The way you play with a kitten, the way you groom your cat, the amount of affection that you get from them.

It really gets you going.”

After working out the details, Jason and his daughter began to put together a site for the cats to find and interact with, and it became clear the site would take about a year to set up.

“I’ve never seen such a huge amount of work in a year,” he said.

After spending months trying to get the site up and running, Jason said it had been an amazing learning experience.

“That was pretty cool,” he laughed.

“But the biggest thing was learning the ropes, learning the terminology, the language.”

In January 2018, they announced the site had raised more than $6,000 to launch a website for the kittens.

The site now boasts more than 70,000 registered users, and offers hundreds of different cat training classes.

Jason McLeans first cat training class has been running since December 2018.

It features training from three cats, all of whom have different personalities and personalities, and the idea is to teach them how to use their social skills to interact with other cats.

“They’re so much more than just a cat.

We’ve got a lot of cats, and we’ve got different personalities, different interests,” Jason told the ABC.

“And then when we have a chance to interact, they have a lot more of an interest in us.”

He said the experience has been an invaluable one, as he’s learnt a lot about his cats and has found them to be very affectionate and friendly.

“You can’t teach them to use the cat as a toilet bowl, they can’t use the litter box,” Jason explained.

“If you have a cat who’s used to being touched, that’s a lot different than someone who’s never touched a cat before.”

He says the cat-taming website has been a “huge success” so far.

“What’s amazing about it is it’s been really good for the kids, so far, they’re pretty excited about it, and I’m just really excited for them to have the opportunity to be in a real cat training environment and see what it’s like to interact and interact well with other people,” he added.

Jason said his website has already raised more money for the Cat Care Fund, which he’s using to pay for the new website, as well as the veterinary bills.

“This is going to be a really important project for us and we’ll be really proud of the project,” he told the program.

“All we want to do is make it work and hopefully it’ll be a successful project, which I hope it will be.”

For more information about the Cat Training Fund, visit www.catcarefund.org.au.

For more cat training tips and tricks, visit our Cats page.

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