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Lego Train sets are one of the biggest selling franchises in the world, and one of its biggest sellers is the Lego Lionel trains.

While the sets are designed by renowned designers, some people have tried to make them look too much like real trains and the LEGO sets have been criticised for their lack of detail.

In an effort to make the lionel trains a little more realistic, Lego decided to make some changes to the Lionel train set.

It will include a more realistic lion model, but not a replica lion.

The lionel train sets will be available from October 16 to October 30, with prices starting from 1,299 Euros ($2,569 USD).

The sets are being sold by the LEGO Group in Europe, North America, and Australia.

The sets will come with a number of different LEGO parts, including the lion, the lion and the lion cub, which is also a lion.

The lion will also have a lion cub.

The Lionel sets have sold out at some stores, with only the lion model being available in stores.

The LEGO Lionel set is one of just three sets to feature the lion as a playable character.

Other lion sets include the LEGO Lioness and the Lego Tundra Lion.

Lionel is also the name of the series of Lego games, which also includes the Lego Train series, the LEGO Batman franchise and the Disney theme parks.

The first Lionel game was released in 2003, and the second was released a few years later.

The third Lionel, released in 2014, included the Lioness train set, which sold out in some stores in the US.

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