Why the new puppy trains on a toilet train

A new breed of dog that trains on toilet trains is on the scene in a new video, and it’s starting to have a big impact on the dog-loving world.

The video features a dog that’s trained on a train, with a large potty in its mouth.

The video was created by animal trainer Mark Kupferberg, and is currently up on his YouTube channel.

It’s also one of the many things he’s been working on for a while now.

Kupfers first dog, the Pomeranian, is already well-known for its toilet training, but Kupfs first canine companion is the new breed that trains trains on trains.

“He’s a little bit bigger than most dogs, and he’s got this really big potty on his front and he goes over to a train and sits in there and trains himself on the train.

He’s very playful and very cute, he just loves to sit there and train himself,” Kupfders co-founder Michael Tabor told The Verge.

Kupferer said his dog is trained to “sit on the toilet train” and “go up and down the train, and we just put our little little ball of fluff on top of him, and you could probably see it as an advertisement,” The Verge reports.

Tabor added that it was Kupflers idea to use toilet training to help train dogs that were already used to using the train on their own.

“The training is not about just showing dogs how to do something, it’s showing them how to work on something that is familiar and something they haven’t done before,” Tabor said.

The dog also uses the train to help teach dogs to perform other tasks that are similar to toilet training.

The new breed is named the Poet, and Tabor hopes that it will help other animals in the world who are in need of training, like the homeless dogs, people with disabilities, and people with learning disabilities.

Kipferer is also working on a similar program with a puppy named Lola, who was trained to perform a similar task on the same train.

“When we were first getting the puppy Lola we were thinking, ‘What are we going to do with this puppy?

It’s been a year since we’ve had her and she hasn’t done anything,’ and I think that’s a problem,” Taber said.

“We were looking at her, we were like, ‘Oh my god, what are we doing with this little puppy?'”

“So we just bought her a toy train and we put her in there, and the trainer sits there and she’s doing this thing, and then she does the same thing with the puppy and the puppy does the the same things with the toy train,” Tabb said.

Tabb added that the puppy is also being used to train dogs who need assistance.

“So you’ve got a little girl who is deaf and blind and she needs a trainer to help her do things, and Lola is a trainer, and so she’s trained in the same way.

She knows how to move the little puppy, how to sit on the potty train, she knows how the pot was laid out and she knows what’s going on in there,” he said.”

She just needs someone to sit here and she can do her thing, so she can train herself.”

For now, Kupfbers is only looking to train the Poets on the new train in the United States, but he said that the program could be expanded in the future.

“If we were to expand to other countries, we would be interested in doing that as well, but right now we’re working on the Poetry breed in Canada and the Poem breed in Europe, and hopefully the Poeth breed will be available in the States as well,” Taff said.

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