Why is the petco dog trainer’s petco training videos so boring?

A petco trainer in California was recently hit with a cease and desist order from the company’s parent company, which is also the parent company of Petco. 

The CPEI, a trade group representing petco trainers, wrote to Petco’s parent, Petco, asking for information on what steps the company should take to remove the trainer’s videos.

“Petco does not have a policy of removing video content that promotes the use of any animal testing equipment or devices,” the letter reads.

“We ask that Petco remove the video clips from the website as soon as possible.” 

“The video content in question has no association with Petco and has no place on the Petco website,” the CPEIs letter continued.

“In addition, we request that you remove the videos immediately from the Petcco website.”

The video in question is titled “The Dog Who Loved Your Petco Dog Training.” 

The trainer, a man named Matt B. is a petco veteran who has been featured on Petco TV, and he says his video, which has received over 2.5 million views, has made him a bit of a hero. 

“It was just a little video, but it helped me understand why people love my dog so much,” he told the Associated Press.

I’m happy. “

When you have an animal that’s been trained by you for so long, it’s like, ‘Okay, this is how I feel.

I’m happy.

I want to help you.'” 

Matt B., who lives in California, says he was approached by a Petco representative after he posted his video on YouTube. 

Matt said that he contacted the PetCo spokesperson, who informed him that the video would be removed from the site.

“He told me that we’re not allowed to do that, and if we’re going to do it, he was going to have to get a cease-and-desist order,” he said.

I was trying to teach him how to do his job.” “

And that’s why I didn’t do it.

I was trying to teach him how to do his job.” 

After posting the video on Youtube, Matt posted a video to YouTube explaining his reasons for posting it.

“It’s a video that helps teach people that petco is not a place where people are going to be trained,” he wrote.

“The dog was a very happy and loving dog.

He was the most loyal dog I have ever had.” 

Matt has since been inundated with requests for his videos to be removed, which he says is a result of Petcos marketing campaign. 

“[Petco] has been trying to get me fired for it, and it just makes me so mad,” he added.

“What a stupid company.

I hope they get their head out of their asses.” 

According to Matt, Petcos advertising campaign has helped get him to post videos about his dog.

“My dogs were in training.

I had a dog that I trained for three months,” he explained.

“She had been in training for seven months, and she was doing so well.

She was a really great dog.” 

 Matt is one of many petco veterans who have been hit with the cease and disses from Petco over the last few years. 

According with the CCEI, Petcans marketing campaign has made it nearly impossible for many petcos vets to continue working with their clients, which may be why Petco has been hit so hard with these cease and bans. 

 Petco told the AP that they have “always followed the best practices of animal welfare, animal health, and training in every aspect of our business, and are committed to improving our training programs to make them safer, more effective, and more accessible to all.” 

Petcos have also had to deal with animal rights groups and even the United States government, which have issued cease and deprecations orders against Petco trainers. 

In 2017, a group of US lawmakers introduced a bill called the Stop the Dog Trainers Act, which would have made it illegal for trainers to work with animals with any kind of genetic testing.

The legislation also included the requirement that training facilities keep records of the number of dogs trained by their petco employees, which was previously not required by law. 

Pets are not the only pets that have been subject to PetCo’s harsh treatment. 

A recent report by The Huffington Post found that there have been over 600 animal cruelty complaints filed against Petcos since 2009. 

Petcans founder, Bob Pisano, has said he’s never seen the company as being inhumane, but he has said

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