How to Get More Times on Your Train Tracker

In the past week, the city of Atlanta has taken action to speed up trains.

The Atlanta Regional Commission announced plans to install a new “train tracker” that will automatically turn on trains and allow riders to see their times on the T-Mobile app.

A video posted on YouTube shows the new feature being activated at the Atlanta Transit Authority’s (ATA) Redwood City station, with the Atlanta Public Library station now also equipped with the new tool.

While the video is short, you can watch the Atlanta city manager, Daniel Smith, discuss the new features in a video interview with Metro Atlanta’s Myles Riehle.

“I am pleased that we are bringing the technology to the public and allowing people to track their times and track their trip with the app,” Smith said in the video.

The new system, which is currently available in the Atlanta subway system, will be rolled out to more transit stations and other public transportation systems in the coming weeks.

In Atlanta, the system will allow users to view the time of a train, which can then be used to estimate the amount of time that trains will take to complete their trip.

Atlanta is not the only city looking to increase transit times.

Chicago added a new feature last week that will allow passengers to view train times on their smartphones and track the times of each train on their personal time cards.

The feature is currently being rolled out at the Chicago Transit Authority, where it allows users to check the times for all trains on their route at any time, according to the Chicago Tribune.

In Chicago, passengers can also download the app to their phone, and the app will display their current train times as well as a timetable of their train stops.

The app, however, doesn’t offer a way for riders to manually track trains.

“We are a community that is really embracing technology and technology is being embraced by us, so I think that’s the future for us,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said.

The Chicago Transit Board has said that the new train tracking feature is the first step toward rolling out a universal app that will help all of the region’s residents track their rides.

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