A new type of train train, powered by blockchain technology

A new generation of train designs is being developed by a group of Chinese engineers that will use a new blockchain technology to enable the smart contract-based network that will be used to transport passengers.

The company behind the project is called Baidu and the concept is designed to improve the safety of the system and improve efficiency of operations.

The project, known as “Baidu’s Smart Rail”, will use an open-source blockchain-based technology that is designed specifically for this project, according to a Baidus blog post.

The developers believe that this new system will be able to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency of trains and services.

The team behind the initiative is also a member of the China Railway Corporation, China’s state-owned railway operator.

The CRC is the largest railway operator in the world.

The blockchain-powered system will also include an interface for smart contracts, which will allow for a seamless, easy-to-use, and secure network for all passengers and drivers, according the blog post, which was published on Friday.

The Baidui team is using an open source software called BitCore, which is designed for the railway industry.

The open source project, dubbed “Blockchain, BitCore and the Smart Rail” is called “BitCore 1.0”.

This project aims to reduce the operational costs of railways, according Baiduz.

The BitCore team, including Baiduan’s founder, has already created a number of blockchain-driven solutions for rail transport, including the Baiduo system, which has been adopted by some train operators around the world including Japan’s Yamanote and South Korea’s Yunga.

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